The games we play

The club tends to set up quick and simple games.

Capture the Flag:  This a very traditional game.  Each team has a base at one end of the site and a flag.  The team that can defend their flag at the same time as snatching the enemy flag and bringing it back to their base wins.  To make life more difficult, we tend to allow the team that has lost their flag 10 minutes to grab it back.








Flag Up/Flag Down:  Each team has their own flag, but both flags are in the centre of the site.  The aim of the game is to get your flag up, and the enemy team’s flag down.  The winning team will have had their flag flying longer than the other team.

The Push Back Game: The defending team is restricted to 3 lives.  Each time a player dies, they fall back behind a predefined line.  Once they have been killed 3 times, they stop playing and move to somewhere they can watch.  The attacking team has infinite lives, but must respawn at a predefined point behind them.   The attacking team’s respawn point will move forward as they capture objectives. The attacking team works against the clock to reach an objective.  Once the game is complete, the teams swap roles and the new attacking team have to beat the other team’s time.

The Barrel Game: A very simple game, sit on the barrel for longer than the other team. Oh, the barrel is in the middle of the site.  It’s a struggle to reach the barrel, let alone stay alive long enough to sit on it.

Squad: This is very similar to the push back game, except that both teams have 5 points to capture.  …but it’s the same 5 points.  Teams start at opposite ends.  Each team has a squad leader, a medic and a radio operator.  The only player that can capture a point is the radio operator.  If a player dies, they can be medic’d by the medic (and no-one else).  The medic can’t save them, there is a 2 minute bleed out and then they can respawn at the last captured point or on their squad leader if they are alive.  To capture a point, the radio operator must keep in constant contact for 1 minute.



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