First Day – What to bring, what to expect.

Hi guys!

Airsoft a beginners guide…. who, what, where…… first of kit!

What should I bring?  If it’s your first time you probably won’t have your RIF (Realistic Imitation Firearm) sorted, but you can hire one from us!!

So what to wear?

First and very important is footwear… a good sturdy pair of boots is a must! Game areas can be hard,slippy, muddy and wet all in one day!  We do allow trainers but only for your first game!

2nd gloves!!!!!…. Even on hot days the pesky pew pellets can sting when on uncovered pinkys!

If you have some camo, great, but if not just wear some dark clothes that you don’t mind a bit of dirt and wear and tear on.  We might have something to fit you if you prefer, but please let us know in advance.

Hydration… water, juice, fizzy pop – all okay. Booze obviously a massive no no!  Maybe a snack or to to keep your energy levels up.

What to expect?

Well, we are a friendly bunch and if you are only ever going to play once we will endeavour to make it a great day! 😀 If you play and want to come back (we hope you do) members of the club will be able to help with your development of your pewing adventure! 😀


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