Game Days Early 2020

We hold a game day every second Sunday. There may be the odd exception, such as Mad Sunday etc.
We’re playing at the Greeba site during the winter
Month Dates
January 12th, 26th
February 9th, 23rd
March 8th,  22nd
April 5th, 19th

Next Game

We’re at Greeba on the 24th March, please come and join us.

Starting at 10:00 to set up and hear the safety brief. We’ll aim to play until 4:30.

You can get directions to the Greeba site here.

There’s a price list here.

Gun hire available.  Please send us an email at or send a message on our facebook page.

Annual General Meeting

This year, we’re in the Embassy Room in the British (it’s a pub on North Quay, Douglas).

All members are not only welcome, but encouraged to attend.

12 March (Tuesday), 7PM

Game Report 17 June

Unfortunately we didn’t take any photos today so you will have to put up with this old one of a beautiful beardy weirdy bloke.
Thanks for everyone who came out in the grey and dreary weather.
The yellow team, under the command of Alex today, fought hard and relentlessly but couldn’t subdue the red team (captained by Corey) who won both flag games from both sides of the site whilst dodging sniper fire from  James Tobin’s Novrisch rifle.
We ended the day with a couple of games of TTT (trouble in terrorist town) where Corey executed the perfect game with Lewis Duddy.

Both Corey and Lewis played extremely well today and that’s who we have chosen to be our players of the day 👍👍👍

See you all in 2 weeks


Game Report – 20th May

Before lunch…

It was a fair but breezy morning on the hill. As the players geared up for the day, it was nice to see some old guns return … and holiday makers also

Once squad leaders were press-ganged, the reds were led by our own flag capturing Lucy and now TAC veteran Lewis lead the yellows.  The day began with a feisty flag up/flag down at Peach Trees, leading up to some close and personal pew.

Yellows edged the first game and reds pulled it back in the second! 😀😀

After lunch it was time for a new game.  It was a flag grab push and shove we call squad. It consists of 5 flags that need captured in order. This resulted in some awesome play a mixture of full on charge and sneaky-beaky to the max!  In the first run a prolonged skirmish on the hill resulted in the yellows under the command of Lewis breaking through and using the speed of Cory dale to cut of the respawn, and enabling flag catcher Jamie and his faithful thumper to push on for the win! The re-run saw Lucy’s reds take early ground and push the attack to the last flag. Only to be pushed back by some outstanding defense, and counter attacking saw the yellows push on! And the victory and a great end to the day!

😀😀😀 Well played all players a fantastic day all round 😀😀😀



Do you want to see tomorrow?

In the Game Zone, you must wear your eye protection at all times.  Do not take them off if you want to wipe your eyes, or your glasses have fogged up, or you are just fed up of wearing them.  Keep them on.

You may remove your glasses only when you are in the Safe Zone.  If you see another player who has taken their glasses off during a game, then get them to put them back on immediately.

You can stop a game by shouting ‘Game!’ several times.    You might be able to save someone’s eyesight this way.  For example, a member of the public might be walking their dog, or just walking up to see what we are doing.

If your glasses fog up and you can’t see a thing, shout for a marshal who will help you to the safe zone.

You are welcome to bring your own glasses or goggles, but they must meet EN166B specs.  If the glasses don’t have it stamped on them, then they don’t meet the specs.  We are happy to lend you a pair of goggles for the day.

You can buy good quality eye protection for about 10 pounds.  At that price, the glasses may last for years.  Don’t skimp.

We recommend full face protection, especially for your first day.


Each site is split into two areas, the Game Zone and the Safe Zone.

Safe Zone

It’s safe to take your glasses off here.  However, it’s only safe here because we have some other rules.  Do not put your magazines into your gun in the safe zone.  Don’t fire your gun in the safe zone.

Put your glasses on as you move into the Game Zone.

Game Zone

Now you can put your magazine into the gun.

If you hear ‘Game!’ shouted, then take the magazines out of your gun,

Leaving the Game Zone.

Take the magazine out of the gun.  Fire off a few shots in semi-automatic mode.  This will clear the gun of any BBs making an accident in the Safe Zone much less likely.  It will also prolong the life of the spring in the gun.

Keep your eye pro on until you are in the Safe  Zone.

At the start of each game day, one of the marshals will go through the safety brief and the game rules.  Please listen to it.